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Let there be Art…!

It’s been a couple of years since QWIXOTIC has been all up in our heads. Our families and friends have been irritated to death hearing about every new brainstorm and every ‘Eureka‘ moment, at the most inappropriate of times. Our phone + BBM conversations are now legendary … or infamous at best.

I’m glad to say the most progress has been made this year. After freakin’ out about the massive, debt inducing, girlfriend-will-leave-you-if-you-do-this, type of costs associated with self publishing in print format, Gui and I decided to go the short Web Comic route.

Scripts #1 and #2 are in the can with #3, #4 and #5 in the works. We’re currently in talks with an amazing artist who’s very well known locally in Brampton/Mississauga/Toronto and is just freakin’ mindblowing! Won’t divulge too many details until it’s finalized. All I can say is… you’ll know him if you’ve ever been to STADIUM COMICS in Brampton. *maniacal laugh*

Ahem. Also doing some promotional work for us is an up and coming artist who’s just itching to do something creative. (She was studying psychology before 😐 ) She is majorly talented and I was able to get her interested at a time when she decided that art was the way to go as a career. Shah: 1 –  Murphy’s Law: 0.

Over the next few weeks, this BLOG will be seeing a lot more traffic: QWIXOTIC synopsis, character breakdowns… maybe even some concept art work? Am I asking you, or telling you…? You’ll have to come back to find out…


Random-ness breeds Genius-ness…

Like most great ideas (yes this Blog counts) the idea for QWIXOTIC, came from random conversations, exchange of ideas and just ultimately shooting the shit, to put it delicately.

Both Gui and I had similar interests and likes, our heads where at the same place in terms of maturity and most of all we could go off about films, books, history, and on and on. –Wow, this is sounding like a gay hook-up site testimonial… so to veer away really quickly, the point is–

Random conversations together led to the idea of a complicated girl in a universe that mirrors our own, if our greatest fears ever came true. Gui brought his skills as a writer and poet to the table and I brought my background as a budding filmmaker to the mix and it just made sense to let this world and these characters BE a comic book.

So this Blog will document and chart the progress of QWIXOTIC: a Political Science Fiction Thriller set in an alternate extrapolated future that blends the supernatural and kickassery into a smoothie of awesome-ness.