Monthly Archives: June 2010

Enter… The Vince!!!

Approximately a month ago, I teased a little about being in talks with a pretty prominent local artist from the GTA area. Since then I’ve havent updated the the BLOG much, considering any little news / idea / rants would pale in comparison to the news of that artist being on board.

Let’s face it, we’re talking about a comic story here, you wanna see what the hoopla is all about no?

As of yesterday, Thursday June 24th, 2010… artistĀ  VINCE SUNICO of SPENT PENCILSĀ  is on board QWIXOTIC!

We ‘narrated’ the story to him (basically ranted and raved manically for 2 hours) and he loved it and has agreed to be the artist for our li’l comic that could. Our vision for the world we created fits perfectly with Vince’s style and we gelled pretty well. He’ll be working on the roughs and sending us character sketches and basic layout when he can. We’re super jazzed (it’s an expression!) to have him be a part of this project. His talent and skill would be a great addition to this project.

I don’t wanna get reduced to the typical ‘BLOG’ line but– Watch this space for updates on the character sketches and other details as we get them. Also check out Vince’s own site at or follow the link at the bottom.