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QWIXOTIC just got blurbed!(no, it’s not anything dirty…)

So after a hectic month, that’s built up to this weekend, VINCE SUNICO (artist extraordinairre for our QWIXOTIC Web Comic ūüėČ ) will be at the FAN EXPO this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In a recent interview during FAN EXPO Week by KEEF, Vince mentioned QWIXOTIC as one of his upcoming projects. It was a quick blurb, but that’s how it all starts. So it’s official, we just got blurbed. It’s an emotional moment for me. I apologize for any typos, my eyes are a li’l misty.

Read the full interview here:
Ontario Yours To Uncover

Make sure to visit the SPENT PENCILS booth at FAN EXPO this weekend Aug 27-29th, 2010.

Also check out Vince’s other artwork below, he does comissions too!

Stay tuned for the next batch of QWIXOTIC artwork from Vince as well!! Same Qwixie time, same Qwixie channel…


Noble… or Noblest?

I had a thought as I was scripting one of the major establishing issues of QWIXOTIC¬†earlier this week. (It’ll be issue #2 so you won’t have to wait too long to know what I mean.)

Throughout history, during times of opression, dictatorships, fascism and other forms of people in power screwing over the li’l guy… there’s always been others who go the route of ‘I’m sick and tired and I’m not gonna’ take it anymore!’ They rebel, they decide to oppose what they think is wrong and do what they think is right, in whatever way they can,¬†regardless of the consequences. Prime examples of this being: the Underground Railroad in North America, the small South Asian country of Bangladesh fighting for it’s independence in 1971, during which college students turned revolutionaries overnight, the Nazi Regime, etc– you get the point.

However, these are only the guys we hear of in History class, in a plethora of books recalling the stories of ‘heroes’ who acted heroically during a time of intense turmoil. What about the others? What about the people that decided to stay out of the way, keep their head down and focus on protecting their family and supporting them, regardless of the consequences? What of the unnamed and forgotten whose next generation, consider them just as much as heroes as the others?

My question to you is this: Who is nobler? The man who rises against wrong and commits to right it, despite the dangers to himself and his loved ones? Or the man who who¬†choose to be nameless,¬†in the background and focuses on protecting his loved ones despite the sacrifices to self? If similar events occured in this day and age, which route would you go? What would you consider to be the brave thing to do? The right thing to do? The Noble… thing to do…?

QWYNN – Character Profile

A small and fragile girl who looks perpetually¬†pissed 24/7 and avoids human interaction like the SARS epidemic. Normally, ‘odd’ would be the only¬†you could¬†react to her– normally.¬†¬†However, in our QWIXOTIC-al anarchist society,¬†Qwynn helps the 8 ¬Ĺ with their political battle¬†against the¬†Server; she‚Äôs their biggest asset due to her– odd capabilities.¬†¬†But she could care less. Qwynn is indifferent, uncaring and cold to any of the issues around her that affect the world. Why? She doesn‚Äôt know.

She has powers and abilities beyond explanation, but she’s not curious. She is able to do things that go beyond the realm of physical capacity, but she’s aloof about the ‘how’. She’s surrounded by people fighting for a cause, but all she wants is to be left alone. Until someone, during an everyday extraction, bring her past into the foreground and provides an explanation. And then there’s the voices…

The one thing Qwynn does seem concerned with– which isn’t saying much– is the conflicting thoughts she has within herself. The unknown want and need to do something, as if she’s being influenced internally by forces beyond her own consciousness. The constant craving of hydration and destruction. That is her only motivation to be apart of the 8 1/2. To constantly go out for these ‘missions’ they send her on, to satisfy that craving.

QWIXOTIC is about QWYNN, and the story of her eventual re-awakening and the discovery about how much her past is intertwined with the present; how she could possibly hold the road map to restructure the world– quite literally.