QWIXOTIC just got blurbed!(no, it’s not anything dirty…)

So after a hectic month, that’s built up to this weekend, VINCE SUNICO (artist extraordinairre for our QWIXOTIC Web Comic 😉 ) will be at the FAN EXPO this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In a recent interview during FAN EXPO Week by KEEF, Vince mentioned QWIXOTIC as one of his upcoming projects. It was a quick blurb, but that’s how it all starts. So it’s official, we just got blurbed. It’s an emotional moment for me. I apologize for any typos, my eyes are a li’l misty.

Read the full interview here:
Ontario Yours To Uncover

Make sure to visit the SPENT PENCILS booth at FAN EXPO this weekend Aug 27-29th, 2010.

Also check out Vince’s other artwork below, he does comissions too!

Stay tuned for the next batch of QWIXOTIC artwork from Vince as well!! Same Qwixie time, same Qwixie channel…


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