Huh, I surprise myself by actualy maintaining a schedule and posting this exactly a week after my previous update. This punctuality thing feels strange, I can feel the seconds ticking away on my wristwatch!! ( it’s digital, and I don’t wear a watch. 😐 )

But like promised last week, I give you yet another awe-mazing sketch of our title character QWYNN, done by artist VINCE SUNICO.

Click here for larger pic.

I love the tone of this sketch, not to mention that it reminds me of Rocky Balboa. This is a great contrast to last week’s sketch of QWYNN in action. Here we get to see her a li’l calm. Well that is if ‘brooding’ can be considered calm. Again Vince captures her dark nature in a sketch where’s she’s not doing much. It’s a great representation of our girl. Let me know what you all think.

In the next few weeks we should be seeing the launch of the official QWIXOTIC web comic site, along with the debut issue, which is ALL QWYYN. *giddy*

Coming up next week though, we’ll actually see sketches of another big character(s) revealed from the QWIXOTIC Universe. And this will actually tie right into the first issue as well. So stay tuned peeps.


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  1. She looks awesomely BAD ASS!!! Is this her recuperative/recovery phase, or rather post-job phase? I like how the sketches add more nuances to her character and personality!! And nice work with the punctuality haha. Definitely looking forward to the next post :D.

    • Thanks. Appreciate it.

      Well these are all just sketches for now, for everyone to get a feel for the character.

      But this is essentially her normal state of mind when not in action; very brooding, indifferent and a very reclusive mentality.

      Yea, the punctuality thing will be refined further with use of multiple alarms on Blackberry which set off mild electrical pulses through my pocket. 😐

    • Your not wrong to assume that Qwynn could be shown in this image in a time of post job phase. We want to have this character cast a feeling of “I’m not sure how to take this person” when you see her, like a spider sense tingling. The image Vince created can also be used for a pre job phase…Qwynn in repose, like an aside between she and her legion of Nanites within her. A pre game huddle of sorts. All the while her body language screaming ready-ness. I love Shah’s Rocky comparison. Later it will be revealed how those gloves, or Gauntlets, come into play.

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