S.O.S (Soldiers Of the Server) – Group Profile

Imagine a world where education and qualification are rendered meaningless. Imagine a society where having a job is a privilege, feeding your family a luxury. Try to grasp the concept of a man having to resort to whatever opportunity comes his way, at the expense of his morality. Wrap your mind around the fact that, unlike our current society, ‘selling out’ becomes a necessity and an alternative to death.

 These are the reasons why majority of able men join the Soldiers Of the Server. Existing as the official military branch of The Server, the S.O.S’s official purposes is enforcing order on the streets during The Servers ‘temporary’ occupation, but in reality—imposing Server rule on society. The fractured state of the world provides recruitment into the S.O.S. as a safer alternative than being part of a world where basic human rights have become regulated, available to those who can afford it. Normal everyday men, former police officers, private security forces, war veterans and anyone willing to beat down their fellow man in exchange for their own survival, is welcomed with open arms (usually with a rifle in hand as well.) However, these men aren’t the cream of the S.O.S. crop.

 What makes the S.O.S the brute force that it is, is its more aggressive officers. The more ‘experienced’ Soldiers range from mercenaries hired under official government contracts, to former felons released under The Server’s “Conform & Reform” bill (that they unanimously passed themselves of course). Under this bill, former convicts, murders and over-all psychopaths are drafted and serve their sentence through their service within the S.O.S. These men are usually given higher ranks and treated as specialists when it comes to using control through carnage; order through chaos.

 To the 8½ and other cells that oppose The Server, The S.O.S is nothing more than thugs with power that work as the muscle for The Server. For the public, they are the soldiers of an oppressive regime, to be avoided at all costs. But the Soldiers Of the Server think themselves to be the figures of authority in society. For men who have served in police administrations and former civilians who enlisted for a job, this is an honour. But for the rest, the more…uncivilized members of the Soldiers Of the Server, this job is pure unadulterated fun.

[ SHAH’S NOTE: Check here back next week to catch the amazing concept sketches by Vince of what an officer S.O.S looks like! ]


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  1. I like the inverted pyramid hierarchy of society. Technically though it does reflect the state of politics and power in a lot of countries trying to gain their foot-hold in this world. Wheee, can’t wait to check out the sketches on these S.O.S bad boys. If that’s the state of society, ooh here comes the next biggie, what’s the state of women like in The Server dominated world? Seeing as to how basic human rights are being regulated and revoked or sold at a price. Hmm…I shall go ponder in my corner :P. Can’t wait for next week’s delightful Qwixotic dish up :D, gonna go read the post b4 this :D.

    • We haven’t just inverted it, we’ve flipped it, drowned it, shot it with a magic bullet and dispersed it through Time and Space itself. Yes, yes we have. lol.

      You bring up an interesting question. What would the state of women be in this fractured society? I’ll do you one better though. What would be the domestic state of affairs for individuals who, without the law, have no one to protect them? What would be the state of orphaned children? Muslim women? This is where I’d scream “SPOILER ALERT”, but not so much. These questions will be address though through out the QWIXOTIC series. That it all I’m prepared to say at this point. *shuffles his papers and steps down from podium*

      In terms of the S.O.S. sketches… you won’t have to wait long to see ’em. 😉

  2. eltransportista

    Your opening to the post set the tone of what we have been seeing in our heads as we formed the server, piecing it together stitch by stitch. Depraved acts, or practices have plagued mankind from the dawn of time…followed by the onset of avarice. Greed in the hearts of men fuels perpetual links to power, and power begets the unbreakable, cyclical desire for more it; like a business or stock, it writhes and toils and troubles the hearts of men.

    The Soldiers of the Server live to “conform and reform”, it is a binary programming influenced by Orwell”s 1984…I hope he would be proud. I ask myself… Are the SOS free from judgment? Are they absolved of their “sins” due to their want of steady work, and if applicable, are their families also guilty? Can we blame them? I like the layers that seem to be building around the “bad guy camp”, not just a two dimensional, generic, faceless foe.

    Thought I’d share my slightly askew view of the official military branch of the Server. As far as military branches go…this one relishes not one inch of mercy, it infects the Human rights reserves which have gone beyond the cusp of extinction, and aspires to extinguish it.

    • Hmm you should be careful Gui, or this constant interaction on our QWIXOTIC BLOG might become an addictive habbit for you. lol

      Well you know I’ve always hated when the ‘bad guys’ are two-dimensional, mustache twirling, scheming, cat stroking, maniacs with no sense of purpose of developement. In reality not everything is black and white, right or wrong… there are grey areas.

      And if QWIXOTIC is anything, it’s a big ol’ grey mural!

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