They’ve got SOUL but they’re also SOLDIERS…

Everyone who knows me, knows that my word is my bond. It’s strong, like Oak. Or granite, granite sounds better.

So as promised last week, here’s the first concept sketches of an S.O.S officer and possible soldiers. As usual, I shall give you a moment to take it all in. Just remember to control your breathing to prevent hyperventilating. Actually, just go nuts, your trip to the ER for hyperventilation = awesome press for QWIXOTIC! 😉

Click here for larger image.


Personaly, I think it’s a wicked start. The big guy looks very commanding and intimidating, which is exactly what we wanted in the S.O.S. Human faces behind a wall of power and for some, a helplessness that drives them to do what they do… for others, pure pleasure. There may be modifictations done along the way. I’m very Gene Roddenberry when it comes to being able to show faces to get that emotion and humanization across, so we might nix the mask concept, but we’ll see.

Over-all I like Vince’s take on the S.O.S. I especially like the lengths he went to, even designing a logo in the background. One of which I love! But, you’ll have to wait ’till the issues are online to see which design we finally go with. 😉

Enjoy the sketch, let me know what you all think. The S.O.S will be the first character other than QWYNN that we’ve showcased, so would love your feedback on ’em. That’s right, I’m talking to you! Up next is a meet-up with our infamous artiste, Vince Sunico himself. So will let you know how that goes.

Barelling towards Issue #1… full steam ahead!!! (I feel like the captain of a steam engine ship… gotta be wary of them sneaky pirates… 😐 )


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  1. That looks really awesome.

    By the way, I’ve sent you a PM on drunkduck, check it out when you have time.

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