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‘MYRA – Character Profile

It’s been a long time since I’ve divulged any further details about QWIXOTIC, other than progress reports. I think it’s time again that we get into the QWIXOTIC Universe and find out about its key players…




How far do you think someone would go to defend their beliefs? How far would you go? Would you compromise on those very beliefs if it meant life or death… not for you, but for people you care about? For society? For innocents…?

That’s something ‘MYRA struggles with everyday.


‘MYRA’s seen a lot of injustice from a young age. The bastardization of democracy and downfall of society has affected her firsthand, more so than others. Born into a conservative Muslim household as Humayra, her family suffered a lot just to survive. However, a turning point in ‘MYRA’s life forced her to come to a tragic realization; that to uphold the morals and values instilled in her, she has to go against those very beliefs… so that others are never put in her place, and never have to experience such a revelation.


‘MYRA in the QWIXOTIC Webcomic is a mature, devout Muslim woman that also kicks ass if the situation calls for it. Her intentions to help the 8 ½ and join the fight against the unjust Server is something she constantly struggles with everyday. Her religion’s intolerance towards violence and her decision to adopt it and lead others in that way of life as a necessity, causes her constant regret and guilt.

She learned a long time ago that along with her committement and submission to Allah, she also serves her people, and will do anything to maintain their rights and dignity. She now fights, for a better world. She fights for change. She prays… for her soul.


The how and why of it all…

So… this’ll be one of those thinky, deep and heavy, what-would-you-do type of posts. So flex those powers of logic and reason and read on…


QWIXOTIC is a world where the worst of the worst has happened through political and economic means, along with the downfall that is the human race. Because of the way the world is, characters in the QWIXOTIC Universe have had to make choices and decisions that may go against their core personal beliefs, and in some cases even religion. The main character QWYNN faces death and destruction on a daily basis– sometimes of her own volition and amusement– but her actions against the corrupt Server help benefit the greater good in forcing a change in their world, for the better. HUMAYRA, a Muslim woman, has decided to fight against the forces of domination, even though violence is abhorred by her personal code of ethics and morality. Even NAB, has done things that would traumatize a child of his age and innocence, but only because the alternative was death.


This leads to me to ask the following of you: Will the ends, ever justify the means… for you?


Gratefully, not a lot of us in the real world have to face extreme choices that do not affect our lives beyond our careers, lifestyle, family, etc… However, the decisions we do make– are they guided by thoughts of morality and ethics? Do you ever think about the ‘how’ of your actions… or does the getting of the ‘what’ matter more? Does success, wealth and power take precedence over our conscience and morality? Do you ever think about how it is we must live or lives… or does having the best life matter more?

3 Months Later…

I pretty much jinxed myself in my previous post. I don’t know if you remember, it was exactly 3 months ago today that I puffed up my chest and beat it with pure pride at the ability to be punctual in updating this BLOG regularly.


3 Months later… and here I am, bowing my head in shame, struggling with the decision of whether I should ask forgiveness of the QWIXOTIC followers (I imagine there are thousands of you 🙂 ) or insult your intelligence by plowing ahead with this post with no further explanation or excuses for the delay…



8 days into the new year I wanna set some definite expectations from everyone about when exactly QWIXOTIC will be up and running. After a pow wow with my partners in comicery (yes, I’ve coined a new word, definition coming soon) we’ve determined the path QWIXOTIC will take to get to you. Yes… you!


QWIXOTIC will be coming soon to a website near you in Summer 2011!

Gui and myself will be immersed in getting more scripts in the can and working on the QWIXOTIC website with our very own Jesus (no really, that’s what his name means…) While artist Vince Sunico churns out some more character bios and officially starts works on Issue # 1 of QWIXOTIC!


In the meantime stay tuned to this BLOG for constant updates on the progress. Also, starting in a few weeks QWIXOTIC will make its presence felt at certain Comic Cons happening through out the Greater Toronto Area… so seriously… watch this space!