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Warp Factor 9… Engage!

So, after a busy week of running around and internationally coordinating with my co-writer Gui and artist for QWIXOTIC, Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils… I’ve got news…!


In the next few weeks you will be hearing about (and seeing!) major progress with the QWIXOTIC Web Comic. And when I say progress, I mean the website will be launched, logo will be created… as well as the first penciled drafts of Issue #1, along with the final images of our main girl QWYNN!


Everyone’s been hard at work trying to get QWIXOTIC off the ground, as we all think it’s one of the most uniquest comic stories that have been conceptualized in a while. I usually don’t toot my own horn, but I just kinda did there didn’t I? QWIXOTIC will be up and running very soon, not only online but expect to see a huge QWIXOTIC presence at local and major Comic Cons by the summer.


I want to take this time, to get serious for a moment (not that I was joking about the previous info) and say that QWIXOTIC was a brainchild of Gui and mine for a few years now, and it superly awesome to see it come to fruition like this. Along the way we’ve picked up Vince who is just as dedicated and into the project (he’s basically like the cool uncle of our QWIXOTIC baby) as the both of us. For everyone following the Blog the last year… your patience will be rewarded.


Stick around folks… this shit’s about to get interesting.


RODRIGUEZ – Character Profile

The less said about the leaders of our current world the better. However these are leaders who are in the government, following a democratic process and have numerous systems of support (sometimes to their detriment) to establish and maintain order in their respective societies. However, what of a leader that has work against the government? Against the current democratic process, or lack thereof? A leader who has to create a system of their own to establish order in a severely corrupted society. Rodriguez is such a leader.



Hector Rodriguez is the unofficial leader of The 8½, one of many splinter cells in society that oppose The Server. He is always ready for business; prepared for the unexpected situations where he’ll have to delegate tasks and coordinate intelligence with other cells, etc. Rodriguez rarely goes in the field himself, but is more of an administrative leader, something that he is reminded of by others at times as his biggest flaw as a leader.

His ‘prior life’ before the downfall of society included being a mayor of a major city, which gives him the natural leadership attributes. Rodriguez’s overall demeanour is very aggressive and gruff, and he constantly butts heads with others in the cell, especially when it comes to his treatment of Qwynn. Since Qwynn is part of the 8 1/2, she indirectly falls under Rodriguez’s leadership, so he feels he can dispatch her however he sees fit. (He sees her less as a living breathing person and more as an asset at his disposal.) There’s little dissention though, as everyone agrees that he’s the man to make the decisions that are often unpopular and harsh, but necessary in this world.

Rodriguez, along with the 8 1/2, Begum Humayra and others in society fight to create a new system in which everyone is heard. A system in which justice isn’t an asset to be traded and sold in exchange for other materials, and lives aren’t just an obstacle in the way to absolute power. Such is the world of QWIXOTIC, and such are the people that wish to bring about a revolution.

THE 8 1/2 – Group Profile

The QWIXOTIC Universe is in shambles. Society has been fractured to the point of chaos and anarchy. The imitation of law and order found in The Server, is sole a pretense in order for them to dominate. In this world, as happens during times of opression, certain people no longer stand for it. These people rise above the injustice, above the law if needed and come together for a common cause… despite the consequences. Within the QWIXOTIC Universe, there are quite a few of these groups vested in their own interests… one such group is THE 8 1/2.




With the rise of The Server, which was initially supposed to be an interim ‘government’, people felt like they weren’t being represented within their own community. With the democratic process suspended within the QWIXOTIC Universe, the people couldn’t elect their own officials into Office. This caused unrest among some, chaos among others… but eventually caused them all to assemble.


Groups formed within communities and cities, of people trying to represent their own interests and needs. Groups based on common Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Political views, etc. One such group was the 8 ½ .

Founded by a ex-Mayor, a Professor and various other respected members of former society, the 8 ½’s goal is to rebuild society and reinstate the democratic process and remove The Server from power.


They have a lot of allies and supporting cells, Begum Humayra’s being one. The 8 ½ are continiously leading the struggle against the Server’s corrupt and aggressive ways. It was the 8 ½’s organized strategy and smash-mouth way of doing things that made a lot of other groups organize from petty thugs and vandals, mostly because of Rodriguez.