RODRIGUEZ – Character Profile

The less said about the leaders of our current world the better. However these are leaders who are in the government, following a democratic process and have numerous systems of support (sometimes to their detriment) to establish and maintain order in their respective societies. However, what of a leader that has work against the government? Against the current democratic process, or lack thereof? A leader who has to create a system of their own to establish order in a severely corrupted society. Rodriguez is such a leader.



Hector Rodriguez is the unofficial leader of The 8½, one of many splinter cells in society that oppose The Server. He is always ready for business; prepared for the unexpected situations where he’ll have to delegate tasks and coordinate intelligence with other cells, etc. Rodriguez rarely goes in the field himself, but is more of an administrative leader, something that he is reminded of by others at times as his biggest flaw as a leader.

His ‘prior life’ before the downfall of society included being a mayor of a major city, which gives him the natural leadership attributes. Rodriguez’s overall demeanour is very aggressive and gruff, and he constantly butts heads with others in the cell, especially when it comes to his treatment of Qwynn. Since Qwynn is part of the 8 1/2, she indirectly falls under Rodriguez’s leadership, so he feels he can dispatch her however he sees fit. (He sees her less as a living breathing person and more as an asset at his disposal.) There’s little dissention though, as everyone agrees that he’s the man to make the decisions that are often unpopular and harsh, but necessary in this world.

Rodriguez, along with the 8 1/2, Begum Humayra and others in society fight to create a new system in which everyone is heard. A system in which justice isn’t an asset to be traded and sold in exchange for other materials, and lives aren’t just an obstacle in the way to absolute power. Such is the world of QWIXOTIC, and such are the people that wish to bring about a revolution.


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