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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

I know its been a while…LOL but I havent gone a anywhere. Where have I been you say? BUSY CREATING! Or as close to that as we can get. So much to talk about and so little space in which to do it…or risk boring you into a most annoying death. Did I mention we are THIS close to Website launch?!?

Lets just jump right into it then, shall we?
So what do you think thus far? My parter Shah and I have come a long way in a short time (if 4 years is a short time and 10 years is a long time) and it’s all just getting started really… lets quickly recap all thats happened in a few months, and whats to come by way of…I dont know…WEBCOMIC and Website….A possible San Diego Comic-con appearance…well a least in printed spirit lol.

Most recent would be out delving into the Logo Abyss, you’ve noticed (we hope) our attempt at subduing the corporate beast with an identifiable Logo of sorts…even though it’s truly not a WOW yet, it’s our attempt at pouring all that our QWIXOTIC universe is…into an single, identifiable Image…it will of course take some time to get it down to it’s basic science, or pure essance…perhaps a little less medievel…we shall see what H20 has in store for us (the creators) and you ( the brilliant audience) in the next few months as we reveal the nature of our beast to you.

As tragic as saying goodbye to our monochromic girl may be…her full color rebirth drives me into a state of bliss. Vince Sunico has outdone himself breathing conceptual, and green-hued goodness into our girl Qwynn! There was a comment some time ago concerning Qwynn’s hand looking a little too manly. I replied stating that the observation was true…but that’s the beauty of her special talent. The more manly, or well endowed her hand, the better to strike you down with…so many unstoppable possibilities, don’t you think? I love the putrid, forgotten city of industry envisioned in the full color shot of our girl, and its translation into digital wonder, care of our artist Vince…Still… LONG LIVE THE BLACK AND GRAY! lol. We may go back to those trusty tones in time.

Why am I being so cryptic? Am I just covering for a design flaw in our main character? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see…and by the way the wait will not be too much longer, *he smiles and licks his chops* 😉

Our final image for the S.O.S Soldier became less henchman, and more human. Besides the mighty, hairy forearms commented on some time ago, the human essence has been captured. we wanted to see past the uniform and all the “gear”, into the heart of the human behind the mask, if you will…The S.O.S Soldier has become more of what we wanted…and less G.I JOE/Cobra. Down to the last detail including the S.O.S LOGO on the belt buckle. So here we have human characteristics with a full back story, personal reasons for joining and doing the biding of the Server, their own lives and families at stake, running the gauntlet.

As for our girl Qwynn, we have seen her in black and white, black and gray, full on blow your mind color, and broken down into head turns and body shots…is it radiance and magnificence yet? Soak it all in…better yet, subscribe and let it percolate like a slow trickle into the senses as we rev up for WEBCOMIC launch real soon!


Excitement is in the air…!

Whew! That was a hectic few weeks of visual appetizers from us before the official launch of our web comic. I say we take a breather shall we? I feel like we haven’t talked in forever.

So… how are you? Me? I’m good… barring some migraines here and there, otherwise all good.



I just realized how one sided this relationship is. *sigh. I guess I’ll do all the talking, as always…

Well we’re approaching summer time, which, I’ve promised you all as being the time of launch for our QWIXOTIC Web Comic. During these next few months we’ll be finalizing website designs, logos… while as of right now (like… right this second!!) I know Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils fame is hard at work, doing all the artwork for QWIXOTIC’s Issue #1. Well, right this second he’s most likely asleep as it’s well into the night…but you’re picking up what I’m putting down yea?


In the next few weeks you should see some worthy updates, but know that since I will be busy putting it all together, like a ringmaster brushing all the lions’ manes before a performance (I’m assuming they do that, or maybe a fluffer…?) I might not have the time to put together these eloquent Blog posts as you crave weekly. (again, I assume you crave.) If that is the case, I might hand over the reins temporarily to my ingenius partner Gui… or just pop in myself and give you a quick ‘hi, hello… how you do?’ kinda thing.


Anyways… to wrap up. Lots of things happening in next few weeks, website launch, logo designs, launch of the webcomic. Do you feel he excitement in the air? I do!! Wait… that might just be dust.

Till next time Qwixoticans!!