Monthly Archives: May 2011

Let me rest… but only ’till I publish this post…

I return weary and wide eyed from the turmoils that is life. That’s about the only eloquence I can muster for this post. It’s been an exhaustive few weeks. QWIXOTIC is one of many things that is being done and I’m a little excited to the say that website designs are progressing further than they have in these last few weeks. I’ll be honest, I was a little worried, however I have faith in the direction we are going now. (huh, that says a lot about my religious sentimentality don’t it?)

Got an update for Vince that he should definitely have something for us soon enough. So will keep pestering him ’till then. On behalf of the QWIXOTICANS of course. By the way: Is it presumptuous to name the possible future fans of our yet un released web comic considering I’m the co-writer / creator of said web comic and therefore am very biased? Huh. Maybe if I wasn’t so drained I’d take an shaky stab at trying to answer that… but I am, so I won’t.

In the following weeks expect some news about website design progress, maybe some storyboards from Issue #1 and more musings from myself, The Shah. Maybe an appearance (via post form) of co-creator Gui himself, regaling us with his thoughtful insights into the journey so far… and to come.


Ta da!

All right, so enough dragging on with this would be logo for the past few weeks. Today I bring you the final image / logo of the attempt at creating a brand image for the QWIXOTIC Web Comic.

So it’s an amalgamation of things. Someone asked WTF it has to do with the Comic. Well if we revealed all that then who would read the comic itself? Let’s say there are a lot  of symbolism in this image, a lot of story related details that have gone into it. It seems in hindsight almost TOO much thought went into it. But for now… this is what it is.

We will most likely use this as some sort of commercial promo material for the Web Comic launch this year. In the meantime, there’s big thangs poppin’, I’ll keep hitting you with updates throughout!