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It’s December 2 2011, Shah and I find ourselves merging into year five of what you have come to know as: QWIXOTC.

SO what does QWIXOTIC really mean?

Last time I gave you the dictionary definition, now lets’s talk about what it means to this co-creator… a retrospective on our most peculiar of journeys.

I have to keep saying the date outloud to remind myself that it has thus far been half a decade since “Writer meets Director”. That training class brought together two creative minds that thought alike, but fed off one another at the same time…our age difference was seamlessly bridged. I had tried this formula in the past but never succeeded…I found persons interested in exploring a writing project easily, but never ones with enough conviction to follow through…including myself at times.

How do you begin?

I never read the manual on that one, but thinking back on it now its clear what the trigger was…The first initiative will always be the desire to stop talking and just “do”…At the risk of sounding like a running shoe advertisement, its the simplest place from where to start if any of you are thinking about perusing something similar.

Where do you go from there?

Throughout our time of loathing as cell phone client care representatives -and yes, I must profess, that it was most certainly a time of dread!- , amidst the fury of being pressured to sell a product we didn’t believe in, came the idea of fast food culture decimating an already obese population in North America, in the not too distant future…some kind of bizarre world deeply rooted in the past, beyond the last war for petroleum nations and languages died out, governments crumbled…and yes, the ever present shortage of gasoline.

How do you create a world from an idea and populate it?

Taking a page from our call centre’s management handbook back in the day: How does one motivate a team or group? The answer is you cannot motivate a team, you have to motivate the individuals on that team…So we set aside our newly born world and were main character bound going forward. lol. Our 15 minute brainstorming power sessions have become famous in our own minds, these were the seeds of what was to come…or maybe they were just small air bubbles in a glass piece caused by defective firing! Who is to say?

What kind of a name is Qwynn?

We know for certain that the world of Comics is riddled with gorgeous female and male bodies, perfect figures who encapsulate the very essence of endowments, ability, super strength, mutations etc. Characters who can really wear a good leotard and get away with it. We took it to the opposite extreme. Qwynn is the unassuming lead…the spectre at times, the pauper at other times, the anti-host, the victim, the outcome. She is the cause of both Co-Creators figuratively bashing their heads against walls crying: ” how do you write as a woman!!!”

Will it be expensive?

It most certainly will…investors in the form of PUBLISHERS are most welcome!! Unless money is not object, moonlighting will be the only way to finance you project. Both myself and Shah live the dual life of day/night job…the night job actually spilling into weekends since its the only available time to create…our system just happens to be even more complicated since we are doing it on opposite sides of the planet…thank you BBM, emails and cheap long distance arrangements. I just realized I shamelessly plugged Blackberry on that one, it happens to be my primary tool, I spend what seems like half my time on busses commuting to work…so if you are mobile, TAKE advantage of it!

Is there strength in numbers?

Two writers and no Artist didn’t seem to work. Through a great connection We found Vince Sunico and the Spent Pencils crew. Our newly found Artist Community has brought life to our words and ideas. Together with the internet and the many other forms of social media, our ensemble cast will be at your fingertips as of January 2012, bringing you what we hope is the long awaited debut of our artistic creativity.

QWIXOTIC for the masses!

Something wicked this way comes.