What is Qwixotic?

What is Qwixotic?

QWIXOTIC is a Webcomic Series co-created by Shah Shahid & Gui Girolmini with art by Vince Sunico. QWIXOTIC is penciled in for a 2012 release.

A Political Science Fiction Thriller set in an alternate extrapolated future. Using the basis of a lot of ‘what if’s’ from today, Qwixotic deals with current world issues: everything from religion, social attitudes, insane technological progress to the grimy politics, all powerful commercialism and a lot more.

QWIXOTIC consists of some pretty intriguing characters. Including but not limited to a psychotic main lead, a reluctant Muslim Warrior, a young child with skewed notions of ‘heroics’ and a plethora of others that will consistently blow minds.

Qwixotic is able to blend the supernatural and kickassery into a smoothie of awesome-ness.


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