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It’s December 2 2011, Shah and I find ourselves merging into year five of what you have come to know as: QWIXOTC.

SO what does QWIXOTIC really mean?

Last time I gave you the dictionary definition, now lets’s talk about what it means to this co-creator… a retrospective on our most peculiar of journeys.

I have to keep saying the date outloud to remind myself that it has thus far been half a decade since “Writer meets Director”. That training class brought together two creative minds that thought alike, but fed off one another at the same time…our age difference was seamlessly bridged. I had tried this formula in the past but never succeeded…I found persons interested in exploring a writing project easily, but never ones with enough conviction to follow through…including myself at times.

How do you begin?

I never read the manual on that one, but thinking back on it now its clear what the trigger was…The first initiative will always be the desire to stop talking and just “do”…At the risk of sounding like a running shoe advertisement, its the simplest place from where to start if any of you are thinking about perusing something similar.

Where do you go from there?

Throughout our time of loathing as cell phone client care representatives -and yes, I must profess, that it was most certainly a time of dread!- , amidst the fury of being pressured to sell a product we didn’t believe in, came the idea of fast food culture decimating an already obese population in North America, in the not too distant future…some kind of bizarre world deeply rooted in the past, beyond the last war for petroleum nations and languages died out, governments crumbled…and yes, the ever present shortage of gasoline.

How do you create a world from an idea and populate it?

Taking a page from our call centre’s management handbook back in the day: How does one motivate a team or group? The answer is you cannot motivate a team, you have to motivate the individuals on that team…So we set aside our newly born world and were main character bound going forward. lol. Our 15 minute brainstorming power sessions have become famous in our own minds, these were the seeds of what was to come…or maybe they were just small air bubbles in a glass piece caused by defective firing! Who is to say?

What kind of a name is Qwynn?

We know for certain that the world of Comics is riddled with gorgeous female and male bodies, perfect figures who encapsulate the very essence of endowments, ability, super strength, mutations etc. Characters who can really wear a good leotard and get away with it. We took it to the opposite extreme. Qwynn is the unassuming lead…the spectre at times, the pauper at other times, the anti-host, the victim, the outcome. She is the cause of both Co-Creators figuratively bashing their heads against walls crying: ” how do you write as a woman!!!”

Will it be expensive?

It most certainly will…investors in the form of PUBLISHERS are most welcome!! Unless money is not object, moonlighting will be the only way to finance you project. Both myself and Shah live the dual life of day/night job…the night job actually spilling into weekends since its the only available time to create…our system just happens to be even more complicated since we are doing it on opposite sides of the planet…thank you BBM, emails and cheap long distance arrangements. I just realized I shamelessly plugged Blackberry on that one, it happens to be my primary tool, I spend what seems like half my time on busses commuting to work…so if you are mobile, TAKE advantage of it!

Is there strength in numbers?

Two writers and no Artist didn’t seem to work. Through a great connection We found Vince Sunico and the Spent Pencils crew. Our newly found Artist Community has brought life to our words and ideas. Together with the internet and the many other forms of social media, our ensemble cast will be at your fingertips as of January 2012, bringing you what we hope is the long awaited debut of our artistic creativity.

QWIXOTIC for the masses!

Something wicked this way comes.


A physical political flash of Qwixotism

Qwixotic for the masses…


Having said that, I need you to know that the underlying message to [ultimately] the QWIXOTIC graphic novel, is one that we hope you will envision and interpret in your own way, begining with the WEBCOMIC. All of your interpretations, your comments, become multiple bits of exposure, putting Qwynn and her world closer to more readers…and more awareness. Part of the journey thus far, and to come…


Could I be getting ahead of myself by saying Graphic Novel? It’s a strong possibility…but its also part of the master plan aptly titled QWIXOTIC…


Since Life seems to have given me reprieve today, let’s not spend our limited time together defining the stumbling blocks that lead to wicked banter and other exchanges of light, playful, teasing remarks and call for warp factor 9!


As we look forward to WEBCOMIC launch, be prepared for the graphic nature of our story, because Qwixotic is in part, a culmination of repeated diatribes and finger pointing against politicians and their cohorts. Individuals who invoke the defense of free institutions to create profit; using it as a blinding veil to cast a web of dream-like deceit. Qwixotic is all of us spellbound… then awakening from decades of slumber and ignorant sweat…like a mini movie on paper. If you happen to say “WHAT?!?” After reading it…that’s a great place to start 😉


Ya, pulled a heavy on ya…lol.


We hope what you will soon see, and read about, speaks for itself in every known language, at the same time to you.



Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

I know its been a while…LOL but I havent gone a anywhere. Where have I been you say? BUSY CREATING! Or as close to that as we can get. So much to talk about and so little space in which to do it…or risk boring you into a most annoying death. Did I mention we are THIS close to Website launch?!?

Lets just jump right into it then, shall we?
So what do you think thus far? My parter Shah and I have come a long way in a short time (if 4 years is a short time and 10 years is a long time) and it’s all just getting started really… lets quickly recap all thats happened in a few months, and whats to come by way of…I dont know…WEBCOMIC and Website….A possible San Diego Comic-con appearance…well a least in printed spirit lol.

Most recent would be out delving into the Logo Abyss, you’ve noticed (we hope) our attempt at subduing the corporate beast with an identifiable Logo of sorts…even though it’s truly not a WOW yet, it’s our attempt at pouring all that our QWIXOTIC universe is…into an single, identifiable Image…it will of course take some time to get it down to it’s basic science, or pure essance…perhaps a little less medievel…we shall see what H20 has in store for us (the creators) and you ( the brilliant audience) in the next few months as we reveal the nature of our beast to you.

As tragic as saying goodbye to our monochromic girl may be…her full color rebirth drives me into a state of bliss. Vince Sunico has outdone himself breathing conceptual, and green-hued goodness into our girl Qwynn! There was a comment some time ago concerning Qwynn’s hand looking a little too manly. I replied stating that the observation was true…but that’s the beauty of her special talent. The more manly, or well endowed her hand, the better to strike you down with…so many unstoppable possibilities, don’t you think? I love the putrid, forgotten city of industry envisioned in the full color shot of our girl, and its translation into digital wonder, care of our artist Vince…Still… LONG LIVE THE BLACK AND GRAY! lol. We may go back to those trusty tones in time.

Why am I being so cryptic? Am I just covering for a design flaw in our main character? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see…and by the way the wait will not be too much longer, *he smiles and licks his chops* 😉

Our final image for the S.O.S Soldier became less henchman, and more human. Besides the mighty, hairy forearms commented on some time ago, the human essence has been captured. we wanted to see past the uniform and all the “gear”, into the heart of the human behind the mask, if you will…The S.O.S Soldier has become more of what we wanted…and less G.I JOE/Cobra. Down to the last detail including the S.O.S LOGO on the belt buckle. So here we have human characteristics with a full back story, personal reasons for joining and doing the biding of the Server, their own lives and families at stake, running the gauntlet.

As for our girl Qwynn, we have seen her in black and white, black and gray, full on blow your mind color, and broken down into head turns and body shots…is it radiance and magnificence yet? Soak it all in…better yet, subscribe and let it percolate like a slow trickle into the senses as we rev up for WEBCOMIC launch real soon!

From Ape to Superspecies to Qwixotism…

The more I see our work come to life in the form of sketches, and then finally finished product, the more it thrills me exploring Qwynn’s dark nature. It’s critical that our girl’s atypical anthropology “shine” through and onto every image, and yes, she’s Balboa-esque indeed! All of that is evident in the last sketch posted by my partner and co creator Shah. The “South paw boxer” reference ties into her tenacity, the slabs of meat will in her case be living and not frozen. :O

Tenacious also ties in to another of Qwynn’s traits…being quintessentially Quixotic, redefining the meaning of the word beyond it’s synonyms of fanciful, fantastic and imaginary.

Quixotic? What does it mean literally?

Here is the answer, as non dry as possible, and hopefully it doesn’t read like a text book…


1. (sometimes initial capital letter) resembling or befiting Don Quixote.
2. extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical or impracticable.
3. impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.

So QWIXOTIC, that’s what we call it, is our alternate take on current society. It’s social/political/environmental events. It’s decisions, regrets and consequences…everything, taken decades into the future. Qwixotic represents a  pseudoanthropological tale, a world that in a way, revolves around Qwynn…she is a sun unaware it’s radiating to things around it, she is an infringment onto life and humankind itself, she’s like the anti-host, if you will. But sometimes play things grow weary of their roles and lash out, and if some just want to see the world burn, others just want to be left alone in it, burning or otherwise.

References in the Qwixotic universe to the past will indeed be our present, as well as our past (make sense? lol). So stepping back in time to the year 2007, I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote as a direct result of talks with Shah, when QWIXOTIC was merely a plethora of tiny ideas swimming in our brainfluid. The idea of a female character having suffered trauma caused by her abilities + this volatile, crushing world trying to crawl it’s way back up to the top of the food chain, was overwhelming; I found myself  overloaded and stumbling.  How do you get into the head of this female lead and write about it? I started with poems to arrange thoughts/ideas/notes. Below is one example of many, used throughout this creative and mind bending, ongoing process:

When the white moth flutters
deliberately by me,
on the concrete steps,
the breeze burdens its movements

Perhaps I think to swat at it,
if it could,
it would embrace me,
penetrate or devour me
leaving behind blunt object of affection

The hornet in its dwelling
nests on guard
and weary of me,
it knows to probe me,
to sting me is better.

IT became easier to write short, character thoughts, or “splashes of thoughts” as practice before simply scripting pages without direction. Above is an example of Qwynn alone in her head, She considers what she is, versus how she is percieved. Evedence of a dark nature [Qwynn’s]  was taking shape as early as 2007.  That nature is present in Vince’s interpretation of our girl Qwynn…BTW her hood, the way it sits on her in the last posting…to me it looks like her cowl…and not unlike a bat . Lol. Kudos to Vince on that 😉

Still awake? Just wanted to give you a little insight on how our minds work, and what lead to us finally being able to present QWIXOTIC  to you, in all it’s soon to come glory.

I’m Stoked to see and to share with you our next step!

Get thee to the front of the house!

For the life of this Blog I’ve been in the background, and truly it’s been quite comfortable(he chuckles and wipes the beads of sweat from his partner Shah’s forehead). With all due respect to the front of the house(Blog/FB/networking), and it does command quite a bit of it! I’ve been foraging in the back of the house, in the kitchen as they say, carving out what has become this little comic that could; and hopefully without plagiarizing the little engine, because it also could.

Enough with the cute-sies and such. We (the Shah and I) can safely say that  impulse power has been breached, it’s taken three long years and slowly, eventually, we insist on achieving a warp factor of 1 with the WEB COMIC. Next will be the construction, nay! The inception of the website thanks to our associate Sexy Jesus,  master craftsman and virtual doctor. [ Shah’s Note: The name of the person making the website for us actually mean’s ‘Jesus’, so don’t set your offense-o-meter to high. ] This is an opportunity for us to stop carrying and give birth to Qwixotic, like Zeus giving birth from his cranium. Except we are  not Gods, not cool like that. Also we confuse the mythological names like Hermes/Mercury, Poseiden/Neptune, Ares/Mars, Hades/Pluto and it just get’s sloppy and so on…

Somewhere amidst all the placentas and other birth sacs, sectioned off between thunderbolt and lightning and Zeus’s verbal labor pains, you will find the Shah and me… no wait,  go back a bit, you missed us. A little to the left, ya, right there, there we are.  I know, I know, you can barely see us. That’s because we’ve just suppressed the man behind the curtain who told us not to pay attention to him, waiting to stretch our limbs and grow, itching to create something worth your time.