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NAB – Character Profile

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced any new characters from the QWIXOTIC Webcomic. So today I give you another one of the central characters of our Webcomic.




The only person that a psychotic killer trusts happens to be a 17 year old boy, who looks up to her.


Nab is an orphan who’s a part of The 8 1/2, with a very specific role: Attend to Qwynn’s any and every need. Nab acts as Qwynn’s caretaker/confidant/nurse/aide… whatever Qwynn needs, when and however she needs it. Most notably, he acts as medic when Qwynn returns from her various ‘missions’. Nab’s history with violence has made him an experienced field medic, and Qwynn’s damages further pushes the boundaries of his self taught knowledge.


In an organization like The 8 1/2, who only uses Qwynn as a means to an end in their fight against The Server, Nab is the only person who gives a shit about her well being. And in turn, Qwynn allows him to do so.


Nab’s past is unknown. His relationship with Qwynn begins when she ‘rescues’ him from a child slavery ring where he spent most of his childhood. For this, Nab idolizes Qwynn. To a point where he glorifies her brutal deeds for The 8 1/2 as a sort of crime fighting. He thinks Qwynn is a hero.


Nab is a idealistic young boy with misguided sense of heroism and a twisted past that is strongly tangled with the anarchy in the world of the QWIXOTIC Universe.



Stay tuned next week for the character sketches of our boy Nab.

Till then…



RODRIGUEZ – Character Profile

The less said about the leaders of our current world the better. However these are leaders who are in the government, following a democratic process and have numerous systems of support (sometimes to their detriment) to establish and maintain order in their respective societies. However, what of a leader that has work against the government? Against the current democratic process, or lack thereof? A leader who has to create a system of their own to establish order in a severely corrupted society. Rodriguez is such a leader.



Hector Rodriguez is the unofficial leader of The 8½, one of many splinter cells in society that oppose The Server. He is always ready for business; prepared for the unexpected situations where he’ll have to delegate tasks and coordinate intelligence with other cells, etc. Rodriguez rarely goes in the field himself, but is more of an administrative leader, something that he is reminded of by others at times as his biggest flaw as a leader.

His ‘prior life’ before the downfall of society included being a mayor of a major city, which gives him the natural leadership attributes. Rodriguez’s overall demeanour is very aggressive and gruff, and he constantly butts heads with others in the cell, especially when it comes to his treatment of Qwynn. Since Qwynn is part of the 8 1/2, she indirectly falls under Rodriguez’s leadership, so he feels he can dispatch her however he sees fit. (He sees her less as a living breathing person and more as an asset at his disposal.) There’s little dissention though, as everyone agrees that he’s the man to make the decisions that are often unpopular and harsh, but necessary in this world.

Rodriguez, along with the 8 1/2, Begum Humayra and others in society fight to create a new system in which everyone is heard. A system in which justice isn’t an asset to be traded and sold in exchange for other materials, and lives aren’t just an obstacle in the way to absolute power. Such is the world of QWIXOTIC, and such are the people that wish to bring about a revolution.

THE 8 1/2 – Group Profile

The QWIXOTIC Universe is in shambles. Society has been fractured to the point of chaos and anarchy. The imitation of law and order found in The Server, is sole a pretense in order for them to dominate. In this world, as happens during times of opression, certain people no longer stand for it. These people rise above the injustice, above the law if needed and come together for a common cause… despite the consequences. Within the QWIXOTIC Universe, there are quite a few of these groups vested in their own interests… one such group is THE 8 1/2.




With the rise of The Server, which was initially supposed to be an interim ‘government’, people felt like they weren’t being represented within their own community. With the democratic process suspended within the QWIXOTIC Universe, the people couldn’t elect their own officials into Office. This caused unrest among some, chaos among others… but eventually caused them all to assemble.


Groups formed within communities and cities, of people trying to represent their own interests and needs. Groups based on common Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Political views, etc. One such group was the 8 ½ .

Founded by a ex-Mayor, a Professor and various other respected members of former society, the 8 ½’s goal is to rebuild society and reinstate the democratic process and remove The Server from power.


They have a lot of allies and supporting cells, Begum Humayra’s being one. The 8 ½ are continiously leading the struggle against the Server’s corrupt and aggressive ways. It was the 8 ½’s organized strategy and smash-mouth way of doing things that made a lot of other groups organize from petty thugs and vandals, mostly because of Rodriguez.

‘MYRA – Character Profile

It’s been a long time since I’ve divulged any further details about QWIXOTIC, other than progress reports. I think it’s time again that we get into the QWIXOTIC Universe and find out about its key players…




How far do you think someone would go to defend their beliefs? How far would you go? Would you compromise on those very beliefs if it meant life or death… not for you, but for people you care about? For society? For innocents…?

That’s something ‘MYRA struggles with everyday.


‘MYRA’s seen a lot of injustice from a young age. The bastardization of democracy and downfall of society has affected her firsthand, more so than others. Born into a conservative Muslim household as Humayra, her family suffered a lot just to survive. However, a turning point in ‘MYRA’s life forced her to come to a tragic realization; that to uphold the morals and values instilled in her, she has to go against those very beliefs… so that others are never put in her place, and never have to experience such a revelation.


‘MYRA in the QWIXOTIC Webcomic is a mature, devout Muslim woman that also kicks ass if the situation calls for it. Her intentions to help the 8 ½ and join the fight against the unjust Server is something she constantly struggles with everyday. Her religion’s intolerance towards violence and her decision to adopt it and lead others in that way of life as a necessity, causes her constant regret and guilt.

She learned a long time ago that along with her committement and submission to Allah, she also serves her people, and will do anything to maintain their rights and dignity. She now fights, for a better world. She fights for change. She prays… for her soul.

S.O.S (Soldiers Of the Server) – Group Profile

Imagine a world where education and qualification are rendered meaningless. Imagine a society where having a job is a privilege, feeding your family a luxury. Try to grasp the concept of a man having to resort to whatever opportunity comes his way, at the expense of his morality. Wrap your mind around the fact that, unlike our current society, ‘selling out’ becomes a necessity and an alternative to death.

 These are the reasons why majority of able men join the Soldiers Of the Server. Existing as the official military branch of The Server, the S.O.S’s official purposes is enforcing order on the streets during The Servers ‘temporary’ occupation, but in reality—imposing Server rule on society. The fractured state of the world provides recruitment into the S.O.S. as a safer alternative than being part of a world where basic human rights have become regulated, available to those who can afford it. Normal everyday men, former police officers, private security forces, war veterans and anyone willing to beat down their fellow man in exchange for their own survival, is welcomed with open arms (usually with a rifle in hand as well.) However, these men aren’t the cream of the S.O.S. crop.

 What makes the S.O.S the brute force that it is, is its more aggressive officers. The more ‘experienced’ Soldiers range from mercenaries hired under official government contracts, to former felons released under The Server’s “Conform & Reform” bill (that they unanimously passed themselves of course). Under this bill, former convicts, murders and over-all psychopaths are drafted and serve their sentence through their service within the S.O.S. These men are usually given higher ranks and treated as specialists when it comes to using control through carnage; order through chaos.

 To the 8½ and other cells that oppose The Server, The S.O.S is nothing more than thugs with power that work as the muscle for The Server. For the public, they are the soldiers of an oppressive regime, to be avoided at all costs. But the Soldiers Of the Server think themselves to be the figures of authority in society. For men who have served in police administrations and former civilians who enlisted for a job, this is an honour. But for the rest, the more…uncivilized members of the Soldiers Of the Server, this job is pure unadulterated fun.

[ SHAH’S NOTE: Check here back next week to catch the amazing concept sketches by Vince of what an officer S.O.S looks like! ]

QWYNN – Character Profile

A small and fragile girl who looks perpetually pissed 24/7 and avoids human interaction like the SARS epidemic. Normally, ‘odd’ would be the only you could react to her– normally.  However, in our QWIXOTIC-al anarchist society, Qwynn helps the 8 ½ with their political battle against the Server; she’s their biggest asset due to her– odd capabilities.  But she could care less. Qwynn is indifferent, uncaring and cold to any of the issues around her that affect the world. Why? She doesn’t know.

She has powers and abilities beyond explanation, but she’s not curious. She is able to do things that go beyond the realm of physical capacity, but she’s aloof about the ‘how’. She’s surrounded by people fighting for a cause, but all she wants is to be left alone. Until someone, during an everyday extraction, bring her past into the foreground and provides an explanation. And then there’s the voices…

The one thing Qwynn does seem concerned with– which isn’t saying much– is the conflicting thoughts she has within herself. The unknown want and need to do something, as if she’s being influenced internally by forces beyond her own consciousness. The constant craving of hydration and destruction. That is her only motivation to be apart of the 8 1/2. To constantly go out for these ‘missions’ they send her on, to satisfy that craving.

QWIXOTIC is about QWYNN, and the story of her eventual re-awakening and the discovery about how much her past is intertwined with the present; how she could possibly hold the road map to restructure the world– quite literally.