NAB – Character Profile

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced any new characters from the QWIXOTIC Webcomic. So today I give you another one of the central characters of our Webcomic.




The only person that a psychotic killer trusts happens to be a 17 year old boy, who looks up to her.


Nab is an orphan who’s a part of The 8 1/2, with a very specific role: Attend to Qwynn’s any and every need. Nab acts as Qwynn’s caretaker/confidant/nurse/aide… whatever Qwynn needs, when and however she needs it. Most notably, he acts as medic when Qwynn returns from her various ‘missions’. Nab’s history with violence has made him an experienced field medic, and Qwynn’s damages further pushes the boundaries of his self taught knowledge.


In an organization like The 8 1/2, who only uses Qwynn as a means to an end in their fight against The Server, Nab is the only person who gives a shit about her well being. And in turn, Qwynn allows him to do so.


Nab’s past is unknown. His relationship with Qwynn begins when she ‘rescues’ him from a child slavery ring where he spent most of his childhood. For this, Nab idolizes Qwynn. To a point where he glorifies her brutal deeds for The 8 1/2 as a sort of crime fighting. He thinks Qwynn is a hero.


Nab is a idealistic young boy with misguided sense of heroism and a twisted past that is strongly tangled with the anarchy in the world of the QWIXOTIC Universe.



Stay tuned next week for the character sketches of our boy Nab.

Till then…