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A physical political flash of Qwixotism

Qwixotic for the masses…


Having said that, I need you to know that the underlying message to [ultimately] the QWIXOTIC graphic novel, is one that we hope you will envision and interpret in your own way, begining with the WEBCOMIC. All of your interpretations, your comments, become multiple bits of exposure, putting Qwynn and her world closer to more readers…and more awareness. Part of the journey thus far, and to come…


Could I be getting ahead of myself by saying Graphic Novel? It’s a strong possibility…but its also part of the master plan aptly titled QWIXOTIC…


Since Life seems to have given me reprieve today, let’s not spend our limited time together defining the stumbling blocks that lead to wicked banter and other exchanges of light, playful, teasing remarks and call for warp factor 9!


As we look forward to WEBCOMIC launch, be prepared for the graphic nature of our story, because Qwixotic is in part, a culmination of repeated diatribes and finger pointing against politicians and their cohorts. Individuals who invoke the defense of free institutions to create profit; using it as a blinding veil to cast a web of dream-like deceit. Qwixotic is all of us spellbound… then awakening from decades of slumber and ignorant sweat…like a mini movie on paper. If you happen to say “WHAT?!?” After reading it…that’s a great place to start 😉


Ya, pulled a heavy on ya…lol.


We hope what you will soon see, and read about, speaks for itself in every known language, at the same time to you.



They’ve got SOUL but they’re also SOLDIERS…

Everyone who knows me, knows that my word is my bond. It’s strong, like Oak. Or granite, granite sounds better.

So as promised last week, here’s the first concept sketches of an S.O.S officer and possible soldiers. As usual, I shall give you a moment to take it all in. Just remember to control your breathing to prevent hyperventilating. Actually, just go nuts, your trip to the ER for hyperventilation = awesome press for QWIXOTIC! 😉

Click here for larger image.


Personaly, I think it’s a wicked start. The big guy looks very commanding and intimidating, which is exactly what we wanted in the S.O.S. Human faces behind a wall of power and for some, a helplessness that drives them to do what they do… for others, pure pleasure. There may be modifictations done along the way. I’m very Gene Roddenberry when it comes to being able to show faces to get that emotion and humanization across, so we might nix the mask concept, but we’ll see.

Over-all I like Vince’s take on the S.O.S. I especially like the lengths he went to, even designing a logo in the background. One of which I love! But, you’ll have to wait ’till the issues are online to see which design we finally go with. 😉

Enjoy the sketch, let me know what you all think. The S.O.S will be the first character other than QWYNN that we’ve showcased, so would love your feedback on ’em. That’s right, I’m talking to you! Up next is a meet-up with our infamous artiste, Vince Sunico himself. So will let you know how that goes.

Barelling towards Issue #1… full steam ahead!!! (I feel like the captain of a steam engine ship… gotta be wary of them sneaky pirates… 😐 )

S.O.S (Soldiers Of the Server) – Group Profile

Imagine a world where education and qualification are rendered meaningless. Imagine a society where having a job is a privilege, feeding your family a luxury. Try to grasp the concept of a man having to resort to whatever opportunity comes his way, at the expense of his morality. Wrap your mind around the fact that, unlike our current society, ‘selling out’ becomes a necessity and an alternative to death.

 These are the reasons why majority of able men join the Soldiers Of the Server. Existing as the official military branch of The Server, the S.O.S’s official purposes is enforcing order on the streets during The Servers ‘temporary’ occupation, but in reality—imposing Server rule on society. The fractured state of the world provides recruitment into the S.O.S. as a safer alternative than being part of a world where basic human rights have become regulated, available to those who can afford it. Normal everyday men, former police officers, private security forces, war veterans and anyone willing to beat down their fellow man in exchange for their own survival, is welcomed with open arms (usually with a rifle in hand as well.) However, these men aren’t the cream of the S.O.S. crop.

 What makes the S.O.S the brute force that it is, is its more aggressive officers. The more ‘experienced’ Soldiers range from mercenaries hired under official government contracts, to former felons released under The Server’s “Conform & Reform” bill (that they unanimously passed themselves of course). Under this bill, former convicts, murders and over-all psychopaths are drafted and serve their sentence through their service within the S.O.S. These men are usually given higher ranks and treated as specialists when it comes to using control through carnage; order through chaos.

 To the 8½ and other cells that oppose The Server, The S.O.S is nothing more than thugs with power that work as the muscle for The Server. For the public, they are the soldiers of an oppressive regime, to be avoided at all costs. But the Soldiers Of the Server think themselves to be the figures of authority in society. For men who have served in police administrations and former civilians who enlisted for a job, this is an honour. But for the rest, the more…uncivilized members of the Soldiers Of the Server, this job is pure unadulterated fun.

[ SHAH’S NOTE: Check here back next week to catch the amazing concept sketches by Vince of what an officer S.O.S looks like! ]