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Ah, the simpler times. Final concept sketch of Guru!

The whole purpose of this Blog was to document the progress of our webcomic QWIXOTIC. Continuing along that awesome intention, today brings us to the final concept sketch of a very cool character from the QWIXOTIC Universe, Guru.

Leading up to this, we’ve seen the first and second sketches of Guru by artist extraordinaire Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils. Now, we’ve combined both the styles and imagery from those sketches and established a basic and standard look for Guru that we’ll see him as most of the time. ( Foreshadowing 😉 )

Yes, it’s not as badass as the 2nd sketch, (there’s a reason for that) but a character can’t always look like he’s kicking ass. OK, Wolverine doesn’t count. This sketch captures Guru in all his glory. He’s physically imposing while still being simple and subtle. As the Sikh Yoda of the QWIXOTIC Universe, this look suits him.

Let me know what you all think of this progression of Guru from the 1st sketch all the way to now, in the comments below. Love it? Hate it? Hungry? Anything!

More to come from The QWIXOTIC Webcomic, a lot more in the next few weeks as we approach the launch date. So stay tuned!!


Congratulations… it’s a psychotic girl!!

It’s here. Finally the day has come where you, *points towards computer screen* the people, our friends, family, random internet browsers redirected to this page due to the keyword ‘girl’ in the title (I’m not judging) finally get to visually experience what we’ve been babbling about for a few months on this BLOG and for the last 3+ years in person. (Holy run-on sentence Batman!)

As everyone knows, that is if you’ve been reading the BLOG, Vince Sunico of SPENT PENCILS has accepted the assignment of bringing the QWIXOTIC Universe to life for us. Last week he got back to us with a visualization of our lead character, our girl… QWYNN. And here she is– *sniff—  Sorry, it’s an emotional moment.

click for larger image.


It’s amazing how, what we saw in our heads for the last 3 years, was visualized and put onto paper so perfectly by Vince. Granted we gave him insane details (some might say over-kill) but at the end of the day it was exactly how we pictured her (give or take a few inches of hair length.)

Keep in mind these are rough sketches, the final look may change but over all an amazing start for QWIXOTIC. At this rate, the first issue should be online in just a few months. We’ll be working closely with Vince on other art details. Make sure you leave your feedback to Qwynn’s look in this post— what you like, what you hate, etc– and subscribe to the BLOG at the bottom of this page for more updates on sketches, artwork and other progress… or else!

Now excuse me while I go get some “It’s A Girl” balloons and a cigar to celebrate this day.