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Guru’s been Warriorized! 2nd Concept Sketch of Guru…

We MUST stop meeting like this! Well since you’re here… I promised last week the evolution of the character of Guru from our QWIXOTIC Webcomic Series. And today, I deliver… big! Which is also the only way to describe the second concept sketch of Guru by our artist Vince Sunico… BIG.

he's huge!!

As I said last week, the only thing missing from the 1st Concept Sketch of Guru, was his physically intimidating presence. Vince took that feedback and has Guru make up for it in spades! I mean Guru looks badass! Which is exactly what we wanted. His bulk, and the modification of his clothing to suit the more South Asian styles. Obviously this is something he’ll don when he requires to… enter the fray, so to speak.

The above sketch shows us the other, rarer side of Guru that won’t be featured… too much… (in the beginning of the series) but it is a side that we will get to see at point. I mean sure, he’s the wise and aged, wisdom spouting former warrior, but at point point… everyone comes out of retirement.;)

Stay tuned for the final Concept Sketch of Guru from the QWIXOTIC Webcomic Series. Next week I bring you the revised and more subtle version of Guru that we will see initially, based off of this design. In the meantime let me know in the comments below just how bad-ass this Guru looks. ‘Cuz, he does!

Till then… marvel at the bulging pectorals of Guruji!


Sikh Yoda! 1st Concept Sketch of Guru from QWIXOTIC!

Hey all. I bring you tidings of joy, along with artwork, as promised last week. 

Now, we’ve spoken about Guru a few times over the last couple of weeks. He was even a late addition into the Qwixotic Posters during FanEXPO’11. It was kind of a spoiler, however, the whole purpose of this Blog has been to document and record the progress of our Qwixotic Webcomic.

So, with that in mind, in the next few weeks we’ll get to see the art evolution of the character of Guru, with notes from me and Gui to Vince and how he came about. But before that, check out the first ever concept sketch of Guru from QWIXOTIC Webcomic, by Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils!!

I know what you’re all thinking. ‘This isn’t the bad ass Sikh Yoda we were promised!! Rip off!!’ But rememeber this was the FIRST concept sketch. And looking back, he actually looks does look a lot like Yoda in this interpretation than the final product. However, Gui and I wanted Guru to be a strong character. Not just in his impact to the story, but his principles, ideals, etc. This first sketch works for ALL of that. However, we also wanted Guru to be a physically strong character. That’s the only downside to this sketch.

We wanted Guru to look deceptively big. He’s always going to be dressed in traditional South Asian clothes, so there’s not much of his body that we’ll see. However we’ve got plans with Guru where he makes a compromise, that’ll see him in… the other kinds of situations that comics are famous for. *wink* No, not slapstick comedy. *facepalm*

Let us know what you think of this initial sketch, in the comments section below. See if you can guess the next step that Vince came up with to make Guru have a strong physical presence in the Qwixotic Universe.

‘Till next week… QWIXOTICANS Ho!!

Noble… or Noblest?

I had a thought as I was scripting one of the major establishing issues of QWIXOTIC earlier this week. (It’ll be issue #2 so you won’t have to wait too long to know what I mean.)

Throughout history, during times of opression, dictatorships, fascism and other forms of people in power screwing over the li’l guy… there’s always been others who go the route of ‘I’m sick and tired and I’m not gonna’ take it anymore!’ They rebel, they decide to oppose what they think is wrong and do what they think is right, in whatever way they can, regardless of the consequences. Prime examples of this being: the Underground Railroad in North America, the small South Asian country of Bangladesh fighting for it’s independence in 1971, during which college students turned revolutionaries overnight, the Nazi Regime, etc– you get the point.

However, these are only the guys we hear of in History class, in a plethora of books recalling the stories of ‘heroes’ who acted heroically during a time of intense turmoil. What about the others? What about the people that decided to stay out of the way, keep their head down and focus on protecting their family and supporting them, regardless of the consequences? What of the unnamed and forgotten whose next generation, consider them just as much as heroes as the others?

My question to you is this: Who is nobler? The man who rises against wrong and commits to right it, despite the dangers to himself and his loved ones? Or the man who who choose to be nameless, in the background and focuses on protecting his loved ones despite the sacrifices to self? If similar events occured in this day and age, which route would you go? What would you consider to be the brave thing to do? The right thing to do? The Noble… thing to do…?