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Ah, the simpler times. Final concept sketch of Guru!

The whole purpose of this Blog was to document the progress of our webcomic QWIXOTIC. Continuing along that awesome intention, today brings us to the final concept sketch of a very cool character from the QWIXOTIC Universe, Guru.

Leading up to this, we’ve seen the first and second sketches of Guru by artist extraordinaire Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils. Now, we’ve combined both the styles and imagery from those sketches and established a basic and standard look for Guru that we’ll see him as most of the time. ( Foreshadowing 😉 )

Yes, it’s not as badass as the 2nd sketch, (there’s a reason for that) but a character can’t always look like he’s kicking ass. OK, Wolverine doesn’t count. This sketch captures Guru in all his glory. He’s physically imposing while still being simple and subtle. As the Sikh Yoda of the QWIXOTIC Universe, this look suits him.

Let me know what you all think of this progression of Guru from the 1st sketch all the way to now, in the comments below. Love it? Hate it? Hungry? Anything!

More to come from The QWIXOTIC Webcomic, a lot more in the next few weeks as we approach the launch date. So stay tuned!!


Just like the pros…

Delays plague the professional comics industry. Series planned for months stretch into years. Monthly issues became an issue every 3-4 months. Some titles debuted years ago, are still awaiting the next issue in the series.

Recently Gui and I met with artist extraordinaire Vince Sunico. And I’m proud to say that the pencils for Page 1 of Issue 1 of the QWIXOTIC Webcomic are complete. It took a while to process for me, that the images on the page were what we had written months ago. The panel to panel descriptions, shots, angles, transitions… all brought to life from our texts, to  images from by Vince. Makes you appreciate the process. The pencils will be on the blog shortly.

During that meet, the three of us also had to re-assess our situation and the way we had approached the release and premiere. Given the delays, the QWIXOTIC Webcomic Series will now debut in early 2012. Now this is not another delay for the sake of delay. Things are still progressing with QWIXOTIC at break-neck speed, however, for everyone to get the full effect of QWIXOTIC, it’s best for a proper debut, not a shoddy one.

We’ve been super anxious to get this out to everyone and have our 4+ year creation come to fruition. However, reluctantly, we decided that our eagerness shouldn’t take priority over the quality of the release. A proper site, proper marketing, etc all play a huge part in the success of QWIXOTIC, or any creative venture to be fair. In the next coming weeks and months, there will be a lot of updates on the Blog. Marketing prints, logo, storyboards, pencils, and other awesome nonsense that only we can provide. Along with it, there should be some QWIXOTIC presence in the Cons and events going on through out the GTA in the next few months.

If delays are part of the professional comics industry, then QWIXOTIC is well on it’s way to being a very professionally created comic series… we hope.

In Canada, on Canada Day… coincidence??

Hey all, sorry for the few missed weeks. Been busy wrapping a lot of things up and not to mention travelling. Back in Canada after a 6 month absence. Damn the weather is nice. Happy Canada Day to all!!

Just a quick update on all things QWIXOTIC. We will be meeting with the Vince Sunico in the next few days, to get some progress reports along with a game plan for the next few weeks. Website is being worked on by a very creative designer. Updates on that as it comes…

Till then I’m going to enjoy my time in Canada, team up with my co-writer of the QWIXOTIC Webcomic, Gui, and brainstorm some more awesome-ness that will culminate in visual story form in the next few months for your reading pleasure. We’re going to try to stick to the schedule release date of the summer for everyone… as hard as it might be… cross your collective fingers!

Shah out!

A physical political flash of Qwixotism

Qwixotic for the masses…


Having said that, I need you to know that the underlying message to [ultimately] the QWIXOTIC graphic novel, is one that we hope you will envision and interpret in your own way, begining with the WEBCOMIC. All of your interpretations, your comments, become multiple bits of exposure, putting Qwynn and her world closer to more readers…and more awareness. Part of the journey thus far, and to come…


Could I be getting ahead of myself by saying Graphic Novel? It’s a strong possibility…but its also part of the master plan aptly titled QWIXOTIC…


Since Life seems to have given me reprieve today, let’s not spend our limited time together defining the stumbling blocks that lead to wicked banter and other exchanges of light, playful, teasing remarks and call for warp factor 9!


As we look forward to WEBCOMIC launch, be prepared for the graphic nature of our story, because Qwixotic is in part, a culmination of repeated diatribes and finger pointing against politicians and their cohorts. Individuals who invoke the defense of free institutions to create profit; using it as a blinding veil to cast a web of dream-like deceit. Qwixotic is all of us spellbound… then awakening from decades of slumber and ignorant sweat…like a mini movie on paper. If you happen to say “WHAT?!?” After reading it…that’s a great place to start 😉


Ya, pulled a heavy on ya…lol.


We hope what you will soon see, and read about, speaks for itself in every known language, at the same time to you.



Let me rest… but only ’till I publish this post…

I return weary and wide eyed from the turmoils that is life. That’s about the only eloquence I can muster for this post. It’s been an exhaustive few weeks. QWIXOTIC is one of many things that is being done and I’m a little excited to the say that website designs are progressing further than they have in these last few weeks. I’ll be honest, I was a little worried, however I have faith in the direction we are going now. (huh, that says a lot about my religious sentimentality don’t it?)

Got an update for Vince that he should definitely have something for us soon enough. So will keep pestering him ’till then. On behalf of the QWIXOTICANS of course. By the way: Is it presumptuous to name the possible future fans of our yet un released web comic considering I’m the co-writer / creator of said web comic and therefore am very biased? Huh. Maybe if I wasn’t so drained I’d take an shaky stab at trying to answer that… but I am, so I won’t.

In the following weeks expect some news about website design progress, maybe some storyboards from Issue #1 and more musings from myself, The Shah. Maybe an appearance (via post form) of co-creator Gui himself, regaling us with his thoughtful insights into the journey so far… and to come.

Ta da!

All right, so enough dragging on with this would be logo for the past few weeks. Today I bring you the final image / logo of the attempt at creating a brand image for the QWIXOTIC Web Comic.

So it’s an amalgamation of things. Someone asked WTF it has to do with the Comic. Well if we revealed all that then who would read the comic itself? Let’s say there are a lot  of symbolism in this image, a lot of story related details that have gone into it. It seems in hindsight almost TOO much thought went into it. But for now… this is what it is.

We will most likely use this as some sort of commercial promo material for the Web Comic launch this year. In the meantime, there’s big thangs poppin’, I’ll keep hitting you with updates throughout!


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

I know its been a while…LOL but I havent gone a anywhere. Where have I been you say? BUSY CREATING! Or as close to that as we can get. So much to talk about and so little space in which to do it…or risk boring you into a most annoying death. Did I mention we are THIS close to Website launch?!?

Lets just jump right into it then, shall we?
So what do you think thus far? My parter Shah and I have come a long way in a short time (if 4 years is a short time and 10 years is a long time) and it’s all just getting started really… lets quickly recap all thats happened in a few months, and whats to come by way of…I dont know…WEBCOMIC and Website….A possible San Diego Comic-con appearance…well a least in printed spirit lol.

Most recent would be out delving into the Logo Abyss, you’ve noticed (we hope) our attempt at subduing the corporate beast with an identifiable Logo of sorts…even though it’s truly not a WOW yet, it’s our attempt at pouring all that our QWIXOTIC universe is…into an single, identifiable Image…it will of course take some time to get it down to it’s basic science, or pure essance…perhaps a little less medievel…we shall see what H20 has in store for us (the creators) and you ( the brilliant audience) in the next few months as we reveal the nature of our beast to you.

As tragic as saying goodbye to our monochromic girl may be…her full color rebirth drives me into a state of bliss. Vince Sunico has outdone himself breathing conceptual, and green-hued goodness into our girl Qwynn! There was a comment some time ago concerning Qwynn’s hand looking a little too manly. I replied stating that the observation was true…but that’s the beauty of her special talent. The more manly, or well endowed her hand, the better to strike you down with…so many unstoppable possibilities, don’t you think? I love the putrid, forgotten city of industry envisioned in the full color shot of our girl, and its translation into digital wonder, care of our artist Vince…Still… LONG LIVE THE BLACK AND GRAY! lol. We may go back to those trusty tones in time.

Why am I being so cryptic? Am I just covering for a design flaw in our main character? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see…and by the way the wait will not be too much longer, *he smiles and licks his chops* 😉

Our final image for the S.O.S Soldier became less henchman, and more human. Besides the mighty, hairy forearms commented on some time ago, the human essence has been captured. we wanted to see past the uniform and all the “gear”, into the heart of the human behind the mask, if you will…The S.O.S Soldier has become more of what we wanted…and less G.I JOE/Cobra. Down to the last detail including the S.O.S LOGO on the belt buckle. So here we have human characteristics with a full back story, personal reasons for joining and doing the biding of the Server, their own lives and families at stake, running the gauntlet.

As for our girl Qwynn, we have seen her in black and white, black and gray, full on blow your mind color, and broken down into head turns and body shots…is it radiance and magnificence yet? Soak it all in…better yet, subscribe and let it percolate like a slow trickle into the senses as we rev up for WEBCOMIC launch real soon!