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There’s always something about a man Uniform… (no homo)

This post comes after some hours of battling it out with the fluctuating electricity and internet connection from where I am right now… however I have beatdown the forces that desire to keep me away from my fans!! Or… rather, the fans of QWIXOTIC.


I’ve got a gem of a surprise today. Keeping with my promise of being able to SHOW everyone some of the recent progress with the QWIXOTIC Web Comic, I give you the finalized henchmen of the Qwixie Universe… an S.O.S. Officer!


You may remember Vince’s initial sketch of an SOS officer a few months ago, but since then he’s heeded our feedback, thrown some bits of his own ideas into the mix… and lo, here he is.



This truly reflects what we intend for the SOS to be, henchmen, but not nameless or faceless. We want these guys to have their own stories, their own reasons for doing The Server’s bidding. We don’t want them to just be hero fodder during fight scenes.


This drawing reflects that quality because on top of looking very official and bad-ass, you can see the man more in the uniform, instead of just being a generic bad guy. The bulky-ness of the dude’s frame shows his intimidation factor, also the fact that despite his eyes being covered, you can still see his expression, and will be able to throughout the Web Comic as well. The SOS soldiers will vary in size, shape and look, but their uniform will remain the same. So with that in mind, it’s great to see that Vince was able to retain the man under the uniform instead of having it overwhelm him.


Let me know what you guys think about this dude. And come back next week for the ultimate treat on this BLOG since it’s inception. That’s right we’ll get to see someone we haven’t seen in an all out sketch in a long while. Make sure you return… or I’ll sic her on you!

Most definitely a head turner…

Continuing with the onslaught of visuals from our highly antiipated QWIXOTIC Web Comic, today I bring you some head turns from our main lead QWYNN. This is another finalization of some concept sketches showing the final angles and head turns of QWYNN’s face.


Take it in, take it all in and let the magnificence of her radiating beauty completely take you over. (Yea I’m just trying to add some filler.) Moving on…!!


Now don’t worry, it’s not just progress sketches that I have to share. There are some completed final colored images that I will reveal in upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, keep checking back this BLOG, (or just subscribe to make it easier on yourself grandpa) for more updates on progress, more artwork and a helluva lot more info as we fast approach the official summer launch of the QWIXOTIC Web Comic!


What a Body…!

If anyone ever accuses me of never keeping my word… I’ll threaten them, so hard! As per the post last week, I did promise some updates on the current progress of the QWIXOTIC Web Comic, by offering everyone here some VISUAL updates… and I’m makin’ good.



If you see past the lined paper, it’s almost like she’s spinning on the catwalk. Well… no, but essentially this is the finalized design for our lead girl QWYNN. Approval of this has already been sent to Vince and Issue #1 is officially under way. Make sure to leave your comments, feedback, critiques… or just tell me what kinda juice you like, in the comment section below.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you more progress on the comic… yea, that’s right… MORE visuals!! So flex those eye sockets and get ready to take in QWIXOTIC in all its pre-release glory!