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Sikh Yoda! 1st Concept Sketch of Guru from QWIXOTIC!

Hey all. I bring you tidings of joy, along with artwork, as promised last week. 

Now, we’ve spoken about Guru a few times over the last couple of weeks. He was even a late addition into the Qwixotic Posters during FanEXPO’11. It was kind of a spoiler, however, the whole purpose of this Blog has been to document and record the progress of our Qwixotic Webcomic.

So, with that in mind, in the next few weeks we’ll get to see the art evolution of the character of Guru, with notes from me and Gui to Vince and how he came about. But before that, check out the first ever concept sketch of Guru from QWIXOTIC Webcomic, by Vince Sunico of Spent Pencils!!

I know what you’re all thinking. ‘This isn’t the bad ass Sikh Yoda we were promised!! Rip off!!’ But rememeber this was the FIRST concept sketch. And looking back, he actually looks does look a lot like Yoda in this interpretation than the final product. However, Gui and I wanted Guru to be a strong character. Not just in his impact to the story, but his principles, ideals, etc. This first sketch works for ALL of that. However, we also wanted Guru to be a physically strong character. That’s the only downside to this sketch.

We wanted Guru to look deceptively big. He’s always going to be dressed in traditional South Asian clothes, so there’s not much of his body that we’ll see. However we’ve got plans with Guru where he makes a compromise, that’ll see him in… the other kinds of situations that comics are famous for. *wink* No, not slapstick comedy. *facepalm*

Let us know what you think of this initial sketch, in the comments section below. See if you can guess the next step that Vince came up with to make Guru have a strong physical presence in the Qwixotic Universe.

‘Till next week… QWIXOTICANS Ho!!


Just like the pros…

Delays plague the professional comics industry. Series planned for months stretch into years. Monthly issues became an issue every 3-4 months. Some titles debuted years ago, are still awaiting the next issue in the series.

Recently Gui and I met with artist extraordinaire Vince Sunico. And I’m proud to say that the pencils for Page 1 of Issue 1 of the QWIXOTIC Webcomic are complete. It took a while to process for me, that the images on the page were what we had written months ago. The panel to panel descriptions, shots, angles, transitions… all brought to life from our texts, to  images from by Vince. Makes you appreciate the process. The pencils will be on the blog shortly.

During that meet, the three of us also had to re-assess our situation and the way we had approached the release and premiere. Given the delays, the QWIXOTIC Webcomic Series will now debut in early 2012. Now this is not another delay for the sake of delay. Things are still progressing with QWIXOTIC at break-neck speed, however, for everyone to get the full effect of QWIXOTIC, it’s best for a proper debut, not a shoddy one.

We’ve been super anxious to get this out to everyone and have our 4+ year creation come to fruition. However, reluctantly, we decided that our eagerness shouldn’t take priority over the quality of the release. A proper site, proper marketing, etc all play a huge part in the success of QWIXOTIC, or any creative venture to be fair. In the next coming weeks and months, there will be a lot of updates on the Blog. Marketing prints, logo, storyboards, pencils, and other awesome nonsense that only we can provide. Along with it, there should be some QWIXOTIC presence in the Cons and events going on through out the GTA in the next few months.

If delays are part of the professional comics industry, then QWIXOTIC is well on it’s way to being a very professionally created comic series… we hope.

In Canada, on Canada Day… coincidence??

Hey all, sorry for the few missed weeks. Been busy wrapping a lot of things up and not to mention travelling. Back in Canada after a 6 month absence. Damn the weather is nice. Happy Canada Day to all!!

Just a quick update on all things QWIXOTIC. We will be meeting with the Vince Sunico in the next few days, to get some progress reports along with a game plan for the next few weeks. Website is being worked on by a very creative designer. Updates on that as it comes…

Till then I’m going to enjoy my time in Canada, team up with my co-writer of the QWIXOTIC Webcomic, Gui, and brainstorm some more awesome-ness that will culminate in visual story form in the next few months for your reading pleasure. We’re going to try to stick to the schedule release date of the summer for everyone… as hard as it might be… cross your collective fingers!

Shah out!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

I know its been a while…LOL but I havent gone a anywhere. Where have I been you say? BUSY CREATING! Or as close to that as we can get. So much to talk about and so little space in which to do it…or risk boring you into a most annoying death. Did I mention we are THIS close to Website launch?!?

Lets just jump right into it then, shall we?
So what do you think thus far? My parter Shah and I have come a long way in a short time (if 4 years is a short time and 10 years is a long time) and it’s all just getting started really… lets quickly recap all thats happened in a few months, and whats to come by way of…I dont know…WEBCOMIC and Website….A possible San Diego Comic-con appearance…well a least in printed spirit lol.

Most recent would be out delving into the Logo Abyss, you’ve noticed (we hope) our attempt at subduing the corporate beast with an identifiable Logo of sorts…even though it’s truly not a WOW yet, it’s our attempt at pouring all that our QWIXOTIC universe is…into an single, identifiable Image…it will of course take some time to get it down to it’s basic science, or pure essance…perhaps a little less medievel…we shall see what H20 has in store for us (the creators) and you ( the brilliant audience) in the next few months as we reveal the nature of our beast to you.

As tragic as saying goodbye to our monochromic girl may be…her full color rebirth drives me into a state of bliss. Vince Sunico has outdone himself breathing conceptual, and green-hued goodness into our girl Qwynn! There was a comment some time ago concerning Qwynn’s hand looking a little too manly. I replied stating that the observation was true…but that’s the beauty of her special talent. The more manly, or well endowed her hand, the better to strike you down with…so many unstoppable possibilities, don’t you think? I love the putrid, forgotten city of industry envisioned in the full color shot of our girl, and its translation into digital wonder, care of our artist Vince…Still… LONG LIVE THE BLACK AND GRAY! lol. We may go back to those trusty tones in time.

Why am I being so cryptic? Am I just covering for a design flaw in our main character? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see…and by the way the wait will not be too much longer, *he smiles and licks his chops* 😉

Our final image for the S.O.S Soldier became less henchman, and more human. Besides the mighty, hairy forearms commented on some time ago, the human essence has been captured. we wanted to see past the uniform and all the “gear”, into the heart of the human behind the mask, if you will…The S.O.S Soldier has become more of what we wanted…and less G.I JOE/Cobra. Down to the last detail including the S.O.S LOGO on the belt buckle. So here we have human characteristics with a full back story, personal reasons for joining and doing the biding of the Server, their own lives and families at stake, running the gauntlet.

As for our girl Qwynn, we have seen her in black and white, black and gray, full on blow your mind color, and broken down into head turns and body shots…is it radiance and magnificence yet? Soak it all in…better yet, subscribe and let it percolate like a slow trickle into the senses as we rev up for WEBCOMIC launch real soon!

There’s always something about a man Uniform… (no homo)

This post comes after some hours of battling it out with the fluctuating electricity and internet connection from where I am right now… however I have beatdown the forces that desire to keep me away from my fans!! Or… rather, the fans of QWIXOTIC.


I’ve got a gem of a surprise today. Keeping with my promise of being able to SHOW everyone some of the recent progress with the QWIXOTIC Web Comic, I give you the finalized henchmen of the Qwixie Universe… an S.O.S. Officer!


You may remember Vince’s initial sketch of an SOS officer a few months ago, but since then he’s heeded our feedback, thrown some bits of his own ideas into the mix… and lo, here he is.



This truly reflects what we intend for the SOS to be, henchmen, but not nameless or faceless. We want these guys to have their own stories, their own reasons for doing The Server’s bidding. We don’t want them to just be hero fodder during fight scenes.


This drawing reflects that quality because on top of looking very official and bad-ass, you can see the man more in the uniform, instead of just being a generic bad guy. The bulky-ness of the dude’s frame shows his intimidation factor, also the fact that despite his eyes being covered, you can still see his expression, and will be able to throughout the Web Comic as well. The SOS soldiers will vary in size, shape and look, but their uniform will remain the same. So with that in mind, it’s great to see that Vince was able to retain the man under the uniform instead of having it overwhelm him.


Let me know what you guys think about this dude. And come back next week for the ultimate treat on this BLOG since it’s inception. That’s right we’ll get to see someone we haven’t seen in an all out sketch in a long while. Make sure you return… or I’ll sic her on you!


Huh, I surprise myself by actualy maintaining a schedule and posting this exactly a week after my previous update. This punctuality thing feels strange, I can feel the seconds ticking away on my wristwatch!! ( it’s digital, and I don’t wear a watch. 😐 )

But like promised last week, I give you yet another awe-mazing sketch of our title character QWYNN, done by artist VINCE SUNICO.

Click here for larger pic.

I love the tone of this sketch, not to mention that it reminds me of Rocky Balboa. This is a great contrast to last week’s sketch of QWYNN in action. Here we get to see her a li’l calm. Well that is if ‘brooding’ can be considered calm. Again Vince captures her dark nature in a sketch where’s she’s not doing much. It’s a great representation of our girl. Let me know what you all think.

In the next few weeks we should be seeing the launch of the official QWIXOTIC web comic site, along with the debut issue, which is ALL QWYYN. *giddy*

Coming up next week though, we’ll actually see sketches of another big character(s) revealed from the QWIXOTIC Universe. And this will actually tie right into the first issue as well. So stay tuned peeps.

Congratulations… it’s a psychotic girl!!

It’s here. Finally the day has come where you, *points towards computer screen* the people, our friends, family, random internet browsers redirected to this page due to the keyword ‘girl’ in the title (I’m not judging) finally get to visually experience what we’ve been babbling about for a few months on this BLOG and for the last 3+ years in person. (Holy run-on sentence Batman!)

As everyone knows, that is if you’ve been reading the BLOG, Vince Sunico of SPENT PENCILS has accepted the assignment of bringing the QWIXOTIC Universe to life for us. Last week he got back to us with a visualization of our lead character, our girl… QWYNN. And here she is– *sniff—  Sorry, it’s an emotional moment.

click for larger image.


It’s amazing how, what we saw in our heads for the last 3 years, was visualized and put onto paper so perfectly by Vince. Granted we gave him insane details (some might say over-kill) but at the end of the day it was exactly how we pictured her (give or take a few inches of hair length.)

Keep in mind these are rough sketches, the final look may change but over all an amazing start for QWIXOTIC. At this rate, the first issue should be online in just a few months. We’ll be working closely with Vince on other art details. Make sure you leave your feedback to Qwynn’s look in this post— what you like, what you hate, etc– and subscribe to the BLOG at the bottom of this page for more updates on sketches, artwork and other progress… or else!

Now excuse me while I go get some “It’s A Girl” balloons and a cigar to celebrate this day.